Are You Thinking About Starting A Low Carb Vegetarian Diet?

People say Low Carb Diet is Simple. Just cut down on the sugars and starches, and eat veggies, meat, fish, and fats.  It sounds easy enough, but what if you do not eat meat?


The same principles apply if you are following a low carb vegetarian diet to lose weight. You have to move more, be aware of what you eat and eat less. More workouts and less food will shed those unwanted pounds quicker than working out or diet program alone.

Following a vegetarian diet can leave you low in particular vitamins and minerals, and you may have to take a supplement.  It is common to be low in iron and B vitamins among some vegetarians. There are plenty of vegan and vegetarian brand names offered.

Many people think that following a vegetarian diet plan will result in weight loss. It may be true, but it really depends on exactly what you eat and how much you eat. Some vegetarians have weight problems as they consume a great deal of high fat cheese and other dairy products.

Similar to non vegetarians, they might like their “eatouts” and their “takeouts” not to mention biscuits and cakes. Because they eat more vegetables, many falsely assume they are healthier.


Properly following a reduced carb vegetarian diet plan will result in much better health as your cholesterol will benefit and your skin will love the extra vegetables and fruit. But you can not just consume apples and salads. You have to make certain that you eat a range of various food sources in order to replace those minerals and vitamins usually found in animal products.

The real advantage that vegetarians have over non vegetarian dieters is they tend to read labels really carefully. This suggests that you are most likely to notice hidden fats and sugars and therefore prevent yourself from eating them. Most vegetarians tend to prepare meals more at house because the availability of pure vegetarian meals is more limited when eating out. Food preparation in your home allows you to avoid the bad fats and salt that are included to packaged meals which make them last longer on the grocery store shelves.

Vegetarians most like eat soya already as a replacement for either dairy products or protein. Soya has been proven to be beneficial that a lot of weight loss experts recommend eating more. Just 25 grams of soy each day may supply additional health benefits.


Eating more fruit and vegetables is not an issue for the majority of vegetarians although people would benefit from more varieties and the colors they eat. Green leafy veggies such as  Broccoli and Kale will give you the nutrients you need.

When following a low carbs vegetarian diet plan, you have to follow same principles to all other dieters. Reduce the consumption of carbonated beverages and the alcohol until you achieve your weight loss goal. Consuming whole fruits or veggies is far better for your diet plan and your teeth than drinking fruit juices.

Cut down on tea and coffee, and if you add milk try skimmed milk. Skimmed milk has more calcium and fewer calories than the whole milk.

There are so many benefits of Low Carb Diet, and clearly, you don’t need to be a meat eater to reap the benefits of low carb life style.


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